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My Madonna © 2006 - 2018 - Nadine & Philippe

Welcome to "My Madonna", the site of a French collector. By crossing(by going through) this site, you will find good on

all the rooms(parts,plays) of my collection

and also hundreds of photos classified by decades or by theme. I thank you all, to be many always also to cross(to go through) him(it)

My Madonna is an unofficial site realized

by a fan. This site contains very numerous documents which result largely from scans

of my numerous personal documents. ( Books, magazines, programs, cards.........)

Presentation(Display) of my laser records(disks), K7 VHS, DVD and Blu ray.

All my collection of vinyls records(disks) (albums 12 ' and 7 ').

The classification(ranking) is made by album with the singles which arise from it.

All my books and magazines classified by decade.

All postcards and phone cards sorted out by country as well as all my diverse objects which have charm to Madonna